Tektronix has launched a new arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) series developed for testing complex electronic warfare (EW) and wireless communications systems. The AWG70000B series has a maximum sample rate of 50 GSPS with up to 32 GS waveform memory. The spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of 80 dBc is achieved using a custom 10-bit, 25 GSPS digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

Tektronix AWG70000B AWG
Tektronix AWG70000B arbitrary waveform generator.

The AWG70000B is available in two configurations:

  • Single-channel version with the full 50 GSPS sampling rate and a maximum output frequency of 20 GHz (AWG70001B). The available waveform memory is 2 GS standard, with the option to increase the memory to 32 GS.
  • Dual-channel version with 25 GSPS sampling rate per channel and a maximum output frequency of 10 GHz (AWG70002B). The available waveform memory is also 2 GS per channel standard and up to 16 GS per channel as an option.

A unique feature of the AWG70000B is the ability to dynamically alter signal sequences during test scenarios via a unique Streaming Waveform ID capability. This feature provides immediate access to up to 16,383 sequence steps via a direct Ethernet interface. This enables users to quickly change scenarios, better simulating the chaos of the real world.

Particularly for EW simulation, dynamic signal scenarios and deeper waveform memory enable the AWG to stream more complex and longer strings of continuous radar pulses, more effectively simulating electronic countermeasures.

For wireless communications, engineers can change modulation types to simulate Doppler radars, building obstructions or other obstacles to investigate and improve OFDM signal durability.

Up to four AWGs can be synchronized to increase the number of signal channels, useful for testing phased array radar and generating I/Q signals for optical transmission.


The AWG70000B AWG series supports the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, meeting IT security mandates for instrument operation in government agencies and corporate IT departments.

The signal generator works with advanced SourceXpress PC-based software to simplify and accelerate the creation of test signals. SourceXpress allows users to create signals anywhere and control multiple AWGs. SourceXpress has a growing library of plug-ins providing waveform creation optimized for specific applications, such as RF, radar, high speed serial and optical.

Availability and Pricing

The Tektronix AWG70000B series is available globally, with suggested prices starting at $83,600.