Complete Probe Solutions, Inc. (CPS), a U.S. based manufacturer of fully automatic wafer probers, announced its appointment as the U.S. distributor for Gel-Pak’s new Gel-Probe product line. The Gel-Probe product line encompasses enhanced probe tip cleaning and polishing solutions designed for semiconductor wafer test applications.

Gel-Pak, a renowned leader in unique device handling solutions and highly engineered films, has reentered the elastomer-based probe tip cleaning market with the full support of CPS. It’s enhanced Gel-Probe line currently includes the Gel-Probe ReMove and Gel-Probe ReFine products.

The Gel-Probe ReMove cleaning sheets and wafers are made of a proprietary nonabrasive Gel elastomer material, designed to efficiently remove and capture loose debris that accumulates on the probe tips during the wafer probing process.

Complementing this, the Gel-Probe ReFine polishing wafers and sheets incorporate a unique blend of Gel elastomer-based material with embedded abrasive particles. This combination delivers a highly effective solution for removing embedded and bonded debris from probe tips as well as re-shaping dulled probe tips ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Suitable for a wide range of cantilever type probe cards, as well as advanced vertical probe array technologies, both Gel-Probe products are designed for seamless integration into online or offline probe cleaning and polishing applications.

Moreover, Gel-Pak and CPS are actively collaborating with leading probe card manufacturers on an expanded suite of solutions tailored to meet the demands of next-generation test applications, further solidifying their commitment to driving innovation and excellence in semiconductor testing.