The IEEE Topical Symposium on Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications will be held Monday, January 8, and Tuesday, January 9, 2007, at the Long Beach Convention Center, in conjunction with both the Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS) and the SiRF Symposium.

The Power Amplifier Symposium (known in earlier years as the Power Amplifier Workshop) provides a forum for innovation in the area of power amplifiers, including Si- and III-V-based devices, IC technology for power amplifiers, modeling and design techniques, system requirements and transmitter architectures, linearization and measurement techniques.

The Symposium sessions this year will cover techniques for switching power amplifiers, amplifier characterization methods, techniques for high power amplifiers, technology for mobile stations and handsets, and amplifier linearization. Along with contributed papers from around the world, there will be six invited papers, highlighting state-of-the-art developments and market opportunities, and reviewing measurement and linearization challenges.

Sessions will be held during the morning and afternoon of Monday, January 8, and during the afternoon of Tuesday, January 9. The Tuesday morning session will be joint with RWS, covering the plenary presentations (no separate registration is required to attend). On Monday evening, a workshop reception will be held, allowing attendees to mix in an informal setting. For those with separate tickets, a banquet will be held later on Monday evening.

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