AGC Multi Material is now offering the ELL family of laminate and prepreg material. ELL offers high speed, extreme low loss and high reliability for new and extreme applications. The ELL family is based on a new, proprietary polymer formulation and is available with NE (ELL 101), NER (ELL 102) or L2 (ELL 103) Fiberglass. ELL is UL registered with a UL flame rating of UL-94V0 and an RTI of 130C. It meets IPC 4103/240 laminate and /540 prepreg specifications.

ELL has been tested by key OEMs and industry organizations delivering best-in-class SI performance. Interconnect Stress Testing (IST) and OM Thermal Stress System performance testing has demonstrated excellent mechanical and thermal reliability of ELL even when used in sequential laminations and demanding micro via applications.