RF Monolithics Inc. (RFMI) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aleier Inc., has been chosen by the City of Los Angeles to implement Aleier's FM1j interprise™ Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application as its new Building Management System. The City of Los Angeles will be using the Aleier solution to track, manage and maintain its buildings and facilities. Aleier will deliver over $750,000 in software and services to the City of Los Angeles in multiple phases over the next 18 months under terms of the agreement.

"We are pleased to have been selected to work with the City of Los Angeles to maintain and grow one of the largest municipal infrastructures in the country," said William Caver, president of Aleier Inc. "Cities such as Los Angeles are especially challenged in today's world to maintain and expand their facilities in an era of budget pressure, and we have a proven record of improving asset performance and controlling maintenance costs in these institutions."

"This contract with the City of Los Angeles is a testament to the robust software platform that Aleier has built over the years. The Aleier software platform offerings are a springboard for RFM's strategy of being a provider of comprehensive wireless solutions," said David M. Kirk, president and chief executive officer of RF Monolithics Inc. "We will continue to provide existing government institutional solutions and wireless sensor networks, integrating them over time to provide our customers with world class and economical solutions in the asset tracking, monitoring and process control arena."

Aleier's FM1j interprise Enterprise Asset Management application was just what the City needed. The application is built on modern computing platforms and uses state-of-the-art relational database technology that enables it to process the City's significant volume of data and transactions. Implementation of the new asset management system will enable the City to maximize the productive life of its facilities and equipment, improve its uptime and reliability, and help its maintenance staff be more efficient in their work. The City's new building management system will also improve access to timely information by interfacing with the City's existing financial system, human resource system and purchasing system.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, with a population of four million people spread over an area of more than 450 square miles. Managing the asset base of such a large institution requires a full-featured, high capacity application. Among its assets, the City of Los Angeles has 1,400 buildings, 6,500 miles of roads and many other facilities assets. The City maintains these assets with a full-time staff of over 200 professionals who execute over 90,000 separate work orders annually. The City's assets are essential to the services it delivers to its citizens, including providing police and fire protection, operating parks and recreational facilities, and running its court system. Los Angeles needed an application that could help it keep its facilities fully functioning and productive by handling its massive database of asset information and scheduling its large workforce efficiently.

Aleier's FM1j interprise system is designed to manage the assets of large institutions. It handles the complex structures of large enterprises, with the geographically dispersed operations and multi-layered organizational structures. FM1j interprise allows organizations to customize the roles of its users, so that each user has access to the specific information and functions they need to perform their duties. FM1j interprise is an entirely web-architected application so that any user can access all capabilities of the application from any Internet-connected personal computer with a web browser.

Aleier will deliver and implement the City's new building management system in several phases over a period of 18 months. In addition to providing its FM1j interprise application software, Aleier will provide a wide range of professional services to assist Los Angeles in implementing its new building management system and converting from its current legacy system. The total value of this agreement to Aleier exceeds $750,000, and the City will realize benefits from FM1j interprise in increased asset productivity, reduced capital expenditures and lower operating costs.