Figure 1

Figure 1(AA033) E-Band power amplifier.

To meet the needs of rapidly growing data traffic requirements from consumers, wireless transmission and backhaul systems are aggregating more channels and going higher in frequency in search of more available spectrum. One of the more attractive bands is the mmWave frequency range of E-Band. This band encompasses 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz and current channel bandwidths are typically 2 GHz, but can go up to 5 GHz. In addition, E-Band is “lightly licensed,” meaning that it offers operators a higher degree of service assurance than an unlicensed band, while not incurring the costs of a fully licensed frequency band.

To satisfy these customer needs, Filtronic is expanding its E-Band mmWave product portfolio with the Taurus 16 (AA033) E-Band amplifier shown in Figure 1. The performance of this amplifier module is shown in Table 1. The Taurus 16 is capable of supporting 256-QAM system modulation schemes and it provides 6 W (typical) of saturated output power to increase the transmit range of the signal.

Table 1
Figure 2

Figure 2Cerus 8 81 to 86 GHz power amplifier.

The Taurus 16 amplifier builds upon Filtronics’ Cerus line of E-Band amplifiers. It does this by combining two Cerus 8 (AA022) power amplifier modules operating at 81 to 86 GHz as shown in Figure 2. The Cerus line of mmWave power amplifiers is available in single to N-way configurations. Each of these configurations is available in 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz operating frequency versions. Each of the N-way configurations contains N Filtronic GaAs HEMT PA MMICs. These MMICs are matched and power combined in waveguide to deliver maximum power. The standard building blocks offered in the Cerus product portfolio are shown in Table 2.

The entire line of Taurus and Cerus power amplifiers contain an integrated temperature sensor that provides users with accurate amplifier temperature data and optional control circuitry that facilitates functions including mute control and alarms. The Taurus 16 and all the standard Cerus building blocks support 256-QAM modulation. The Cerus line of power amplifiers achieves 24 dB (typical) small signal gain, while the Taurus 16 amplifier checks in with 21 dB of small signal gain, because of the additional combiner loss.

Table 2

Filtronic has a long heritage of supplying mmWave modules, having deployed more than 80,000 mmWave transceivers. The Cerus and Taurus power amplifiers target commercial E-Band point-to-point, high altitude platform station and satcom applications. Their size, weight and power tradeoffs make these amplifiers attractive for airborne and non-terrestrial defense applications.

Filtronic provides customized, high performance technologies to its core markets of telecommunications infrastructure, critical communications, space and aerospace and defense. Filtronic designs and manufactures a range of solutions from 300 MHz to 175 GHz in adjacent markets such as trackside to train, high frequency trading, test and measurement and private networks.

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