Modelithics® and RFMW announce their collaboration to expand the resources readily available to engineering designers and suppliers.  

The RFMW and Modelithics collaboration offers engineering designers rapid access to obtain device components and technical information. This technical information includes device datasheets as well as highly accurate simulation models for industry-leading suppliers of RF, microwave and mmWave electronic devices, such as Qorvo, Marki Microwave, Smiths Interconnect, Knowles, Spectrum Control, Guerilla RF and more.  

“For the past 20 years, RFMW has provided exceptional technical sales support and component availability for our customers,” said Joel Levine, president of RFMW. “Collaborating with Modelithics will allow our customers to gain easy access to high-quality simulation models that will reduce design time and overall costs. Facilitating an optimal development experience – from introduction to production – is a key part of our RFMW Value-Added Distribution strategy.” 

Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner program, many suppliers are sponsoring free extended use of Modelithics models, for customers that do not already have access to the Modelithics COMPLETE Library or its customized vendor specific libraries, such as the Modelithics Qorvo GaN Library and the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library.