Samtec, Inc. has enhanced its open-pin-field arrays to simultaneously run analog, digital and power signals. New reference designs allow Samtec’s proven high performance connector arrays, such as the SEARAY™, to support analog signals.

Intended for use in high-density RF applications, the new analog over array reference designs allow dense, open-pin-field connectors to support digital and analog differential or single-ended signaling, as well as power. These high-density array connectors are already proven in high-speed, high performance digital and power applications; now, their differential ground pattern can be used to support RF SOCs and applications such as 5G wireless, remote PHY/MSOs, phased array radar, test and measurement, and LEO/MEO satellites.


  • Performance is specified at 8 GHz bandwidth
  • 50 Ohm system impedance for single-ended; 100 Ohm for differential
  • Return loss of -12 dB up to 4 GHz; -10 dB up to 8 GHz
  • Crosstalk isolation between channels: -69 dBc to 4 GHz, -63 dBc to 8 GHz.

The reference design includes recommended pin mapping as part of a full characterization report. Additional reference designs are in development for applications out to 40 GHz.