Spectrum Control introduces an emission security power EMI filter that features a unique space-saving design and effectively eliminates conducted electromagnetic interference emanations for an added level of data protection. It is well-suited for rack-mount equipment used in military/aerospace, commercial, and industrial data secure environments, including IoT, automation, medical and private networks.

The compact size and light weight of the small version EMI filters (11.76 in.3, 450 g) allow it to fit into a standard 1U rack. It features a hybrid common-mode/differential-mode coil design and an IEC connector input, making it compatible with most electronic equipment design applications.

Spectrum Control developed the emission security power EMI filter for data protection systems/solutions that incorporate other security elements, such as metal enclosure shielding and optimal component spacing. It brings brute force filtering typically designed into military/aerospace systems to commercial, industrial and telecommunications applications to provide an added layer of protection for sensitive data that is not encrypted. As part of an overall solution, the filter effectively reduces EMI from being inadvertently emitted from electronic equipment that subsequently can be used for nefarious purposes.

The overall performance and price point of the emission security power EMI filter make it ideal for any design requiring a generic broadband power filter, as well. It can be used in non-sensitive applications, including switch mode power supplies, equipment power inputs, radio equipment and military systems.