Anritsu Company introduces the New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR Lite model that provides time and cost savings when conducting 5G sub-6 GHz (FR1) TRx conformance tests on chipsets and mobile devices. The ME7873NR Lite model addresses the challenges engineers face in economically meeting development deadlines and earning prompt certification on designs, while also providing a convenient upgrade path to efficiently meet future test requirements.

The ME7873NR Lite model is configured with a single Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A. The conventional Anritsu ME7873NR platform consists of multiple test instruments. In addition to conformance tests, the ME7873NR Lite can conduct other measurements, including automated regression tests, to support device verification. The streamlined configuration optimizes capital investment by supporting 5G FR1 TRx test cases more economically while providing a flexible upgrade path to a full ME7873NR model for more comprehensive conformance test cases.

Test are conducted faster with the ME7873NR Lite model. The simplified hardware configuration reduces test times by approximately 20 percent compared to the conventional platform. Additionally, it is simple to operate, as it maintains the identical easy-to-use interface of the existing ME7873NR.