Combining an array of 12 amplifiers, the liquid cooled Model 2247 from Empower RF is a 30 kW peak pulsed transmitter capable of long and short pulses between 5.4 and 5.9 GHz. Designed for mission critical applications, the 2247 continues to stay on air with maximum available power in the event of component, power supply or amplifier drawer failure. Featuring a modular and distributed architecture, there is no single point of power supply or RF failure and availability is maximized. Servicing is easy, from the front. With no cabling to disconnect, the transmitter allows fast field replacement (FFR) of any drawer, hot or muted swapping (depending on options). In both cases the MTTR is less than 15 minutes. The result is a system with extreme Eeffective MTBF and maximum availability.

Features include:

  • Optional “hot swapping” for maximizing “on air” time
  • Lower total cost of ownership due to efficiency, ease of maintenance and lower spare costs
  • Liquid cooled design provides low transistor channel temperatures for improved reliability
  • Digital self-aligning electronic gain and phase adjustment maximizes RF output power
  • Use of fiber optics for high-speed data, mitigates EMI and spurious noise
  • Distributed, modular architecture, no single point of RF failure
  • FFR, MTTR under 15 minutes.
  • Quiet operation
  • Web API for ease of integration.