Airlines have a new choice when it comes to bringing high performance inflight internet service on board. The modular ThinAir® Plus architecture from ThinKom brings together two separate antennas in a single installation allowing airlines or integrators the full flexibility of satellite constellations and networks.

“As an antenna company, we’re providing an agnostic solution that delivers connectivity from every orbit to every seat,” explains Bill Milroy, ThinKom’s CTO. “With the Plus architecture we’re able to add next-generation benefits on top of our existing, high performance antenna.”

A hybrid of two antenna systems, ThinAir Plus combines the performance and reliability advantages of ThinKom’s mature and LEO/MEO/GEO-proven VICTS technology with a small (LEO-only) ESA for the ultimate in redundancy, flexibility and efficiency.

The Plus architecture is modular, allowing for a mix-and-match of Ku- and Ka-Band antennas installed with a common adapter plate, fairing and radome. Airlines can deploy ThinKom’s Ka2517 solution today and quickly swap to Ku-Band VICTS antennas in the future (or vice versa), without changing the mounting hardware. This adds another layer of flexibility to the design while significantly reducing long-term logistics costs.

Milroy also points out that ThinAir Plus offers the unique benefit of multiple active links in a single terminal. “Simultaneously fusing these services uniquely delivers a future-proof, low latency LEO and high-capacity GEO solution. Routing traffic through the most efficient and cost-effective pipe will drive competition and reduce operating costs. Redundant, independent systems also minimize dark tails, which is a major frustration to passengers and airlines alike.”

ThinKom’s latest ThinAir solutions, including the new Plus design, will be on display at Aircraft Interiors Expo June 6-8 in booth #4E41.