Representatives from G20 nations attending the Second Meeting of the G20 Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) in Hyderabad visited IIT-Hyderabad, and experienced a demonstration of the WiSig Networks, Sivers Semiconductors and Intel 5G standalone mmWave integrated backhaul product, which was first demonstrated earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The demonstration drew an extremely positive response, particularly from African and Asian nations, with some nations already looking to start pilot projects to demonstrate the technology as an alternative to more costly deployments of optical fiber networks.

The technology will first be piloted in India. Any collaboration with other nations will be resolved at the government level, officials said.

“I am excited about the positive interest shown by most of the G20 DEWG delegates. It emphasizes the importance of providing broadband services in rural areas as a means of enabling billions of people around the world to access information, education, tele-healthcare, entertainment, digital services, job and entrepreneurial opportunities, and to uplift their lives,” said Dr. Kiran Kuchi, the founder of WiSig Networks. “This highlights that providing broadband services in rural areas should not be solely a business viability issue, but rather a means of empowering people and preventing rural migration to cities. This also highlights the benefits of 5G mmWave backhaul technology, which I believe can help lower the cost of deploying and maintaining fiber in rural and difficult-to-access areas while still delivering high-quality broadband services.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking collaboration with WiSig Networks and Sivers Semiconductors, showcasing the potential of 5G mmWave backhaul technology," says Mike Fitton, vice president of network business division at Intel. "Leveraging Intel's Agilex FPGA, we are able to provide the necessary processing power and flexibility to enable WiSig's modem and software stack, supporting the deployment of cost-effective and high performance broadband solutions.”

“Last year when we started working with Intel and WiSig, we were very excited to see a new large potential for our solutions in India. This strong interest in other new emerging markets in Asia and Africa is a great rubber stamp that our joint technology is truly global,” says Anders Storm, Group CEO, Sivers Semiconductors.