Keysight Technologies, Inc. has enabled ritt7Layers to join the O-RAN ALLIANCE community of Open Testing & Integration Centers (OTICs) in the Asia-Pacific region to provide O-RAN certification and badging for open radio access network (Open RAN) components. 

RAN deployments have traditionally relied on proprietary network equipment from single vendors. However, service providers are now adopting an Open RAN model for 5G, allowing them to build a RAN by mixing-and-matching network elements from different vendors. While Open RAN provides flexibility and cost savings, it also presents significant conformance and interoperability challenges. Recognizing these challenges, O-RAN ALLIANCE introduced the O-RAN certification and badging program through its OTICs to ensure Open RAN equipment works as intended in operator networks.

To provide vendors with O-RAN certification and badging, ritt7Layers is using Keysight's comprehensive set of wireless network emulation and testing solutions to verify the conformity, functionality and performance of Open RAN equipment. The lab setup includes the Keysight Open RAN Architecture and Network Emulation Solutions to provide end-to-end testing for 5G and 4G/LTE networks. In addition, the Keysight S8705A RF/RRM Conformance Toolset and S8704A Protocol Conformance Toolset are being used to certify user equipment (UE) while the WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer provides troubleshooting for complex multi-vendor interoperability testing processes.

ritt7Layers added the Keysight-enabled O-RAN certification and badging to its existing 5G cellular device certification for Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PTCRB to become the only test laboratory qualified to provide certification for Open RAN equipment and UE. This combination accelerates product time-to-market, ensures interoperability of Open RAN equipment, reduces testing time and ensure compliance with the latest 5G and LTE standards.

Yu Shi, general manager for ritt7Layers, said, "Our expertise in testing Open RAN equipment and UE, combined with Keysight's comprehensive solutions for network and device testing, will enable customers to achieve the highest level of interoperability and performance. Thanks to Keysight´s solution, we have successfully added the scope of O-RAN certification and badging from our existing 5G cellular device certification for GCF and PTCRB."

Peng Cao, vice president and general manager for Keysight's Wireless Test Group, said, "We are proud to collaborate with ritt7Layers, a leading testing service provider, to help them achieve the only laboratory qualification for both RAN and UE certification testing. Our end-to-end test solutions portfolio enables ritt7Layers to expand its service offerings to include critical testing services for private network industries."