Modelithics announced the launch of the new Modelithics SELECT+ Library for free use to MATLAB® and Simulink® customers. This product is a direct result of Modelithics joining the MathWorks Connections Program, a group of third-party organizations that develop and distribute commercially-available products that are complementary to the MathWorks product line. The Modelithics SELECT+ Library is a collection of Modelithics Microwave Global Models™ for passive devices, including capacitors, inductors and resistors.

Microwave Global models are highly scalable models that are developed using specialized measurements covering a range of test conditions. All Modelithics models contain a detailed model datasheet that lists recommended model validity parameters, measurement and test fixture details, and model-to-measurement data comparisons. A single Modelithics Microwave Global Model covers the full range of part values for a vendor component series and takes into account the PCB substrate and pad layout-dependent parasitic behavior of microwave devices.

The Modelithics SELECT+ Library for MATLAB is an add-on to introduce MATLAB and Simulink users to the capabilities of these highly accurate simulation models that accelerate design success. These Global models are part value, pad and substrate scalable to give designers extremely flexible design tools while using MATLAB and Simulink. MATLAB users can easily choose components and filter by type, value, vendor and other properties. You can build circuits, perform what-if analysis and optimize the overall performance.

These models for discrete die, surface-mount and packaged devices are valuable for engineers involved in PCB-based RF and microwave circuit or module design.