Times Microwave Systems introduced its new InstaBend™ 141 (IB-141) high performance microwave assembly. InstaBend 141 provides a larger-diameter, lower loss addition to Times Microwave’s Systems InstaBend family of microwave assemblies, which feature a flexible preassembled design for interconnects between RF circuit cards, modules and enclosure panels. 

IB-141 is ideal for both inside-the-box and between-box connections in applications including space flight, thermal vacuum, microwave test and many other commercial and military applications. InstaBend 141’s diameter (0.163 in./4.14 mm) enables lower loss for applications with stringent requirements in a form that is lighter weight than traditional semi-rigid cables. Its small bend radius and flexibility enable low-profile installation, easier routing and tool-free bending compared to semi-rigid cables, with a maximum frequency of 27 GHz. 

The new InstaBend 141 is designed with focus on a robust cable-connector junction that can withstand tight bends without performance degradation. Like all InstaBend assemblies, the cable can be bent very closely behind the connector, minimizing footprint, saving space and simplifying cable routing. 

“The new InstaBend 141 expands on the unique low-profile bendability of our InstaBend product family, which enables very tight turns in limited space, with a larger, but lower loss cable option.” The ability to bend the cable close to the connector back-end without compromising mechanical integrity and electrical performance adds flexibility to high-density system design,” said Kai Loh, product solutions manager.

The newest InstaBend is available now with a short lead time in standard configurations or can be customized to meet an application's specific needs.