Maja Systems, Inc., a pioneer in mmWave multi-gigabit industrial and IoT applications, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent No. 11,511,640 B1 (the ‘640 patent) adding to the company’s intellectual property (IP) position and coverage for its products in multi-gigabit wireless data connectivity. The ‘640 patent titled “Vehicle to Infrastructure Autonomous Data Backhaul” further strengthens the company’s IP position for multi-gigabit wireless peer to peer data connectivity products and continues to establish Maja Systems as the leader in mmWave data connectivity module and antenna technology.

“The issued patent demonstrates our multi-year commitment to developing mmWave multi-gigabit connectivity products.” said Dean A. Brewer, vice president of system architecture at Maja Systems. “We are pleased with our intellectual property position and product development to date and excited about the wireless data offload application, which is an example of where 5G meets the Industrial Internet of Everything market.”