Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd., a leading technology provider of detection solutions for concealed weapons and threats, announced it has recently completed its beta testing of the HEXWAVE™ in the U.S. and utilized beta data and operational feedback to make system configuration and algorithm improvements.

The latest beta trials were conducted at the University of Wisconsin for a major sporting event and at a U.S. state capitol building. U.S. state capitol employees and state representatives were able to proceed through the HEXWAVE walkthrough screening portal without having to divest common items like phones, keys and wallets to improve overall security efficiency and experience. The company has screened approximately 10,000 people to date during beta trials conducted over the last several months with major international airports, a major U.S. airline, Major League Baseball, one of the largest places of worship in North America, and at testing locations including Toronto Pearson International Airport and Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

“Overall, we were extremely pleased by the results coming out of our recent beta trials,” said Mike Lanzaro, president and CTO of Liberty Defense. “We demonstrated high levels of people throughput and system availability without compromising security. We were excited by the fact that during beta testing, we could quickly tune and adjust our AI algorithms to identify new threats and make improvements to the automated identification of threats in various locations on the person. Additionally, common employee items like badges, lanyards, steel toe boots, etc. were identified as benign by the system and did not have to be divested, demonstrating a true advantage over current security methods.”

The HEXWAVE’s core 3D video-rate imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) features provide enhanced detection with future-proofing. Once the hardware is in place, the software can be adapted to new threats that emerge to evade current screening methods. These AI software upgrades will be available as part of the commercial product release, along with future customer and vertical-specific customizations.

In addition to patron or passenger screening, the company continues to see increased customer interest in employee screening to mitigate insider threat—a growing area of concern in security operations as unfortunate acts of violence create even more demand for protection using enhanced security applications in both the urban security and aviation sectors.

“The culmination of years of effort and investment is upon us as we are now moving from Beta to Commercialization with production to begin later in Q1 2023 with the delivery of the first units in Q2 2023,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense. The company remains committed to optimizing HEXWAVE to ensure that we stay ahead of new and emerging threats while providing our customers with a software upgrade path that preserves their investment over time. Liberty’s commitment is to provide best-in-class security and threat detection, with a platform that delivers not only screening for metallic but also non-metallic threats, offering better detection across multiple verticals.”