Calian Group Ltd.; a diverse products and services company providing innovative healthcare, communications, learning and cybersecurity solutions; introduced the Illuminator, a software add-on to the Decimator spectrum analyzer product designed to monitor RF communications and detect signal issues. 

With Illuminator, customers can monitor their entire set of Decimator D4 and/or D3 spectrum analyzers at multiple remote sites on a single screen, providing an enterprise viewpoint. The single screen view provides centralized monitoring and control of an entire set of carriers and allows customers to monitor for anomalies in areas such as band power, carrier presence, center frequency and carrier power. 

“For customers with multiple Decimators, Illuminator really enhances their entire network,” said Peter Waskowic, vice president, satcom products at Calian. “Illuminator provides the same effective dashboard view our customers are used to with a single Decimator, but now they can see real-time results from multiple remote sites on a single site. They can also analyze long term results for a particular carrier at any remote site. Illuminator really makes monitoring multiple Decimators and sites easy and cost effective for our customers.” 

With Illuminator, customers can view up to 100 carriers in a single window. The display can be customized to show all carriers, only alarmed carriers, or another custom list. A trend plot is available to show the carrier power over time, so customers can quickly spot any power fluctuations. Colour codes indicates when carriers are in alarm, and customers can see the duration of the alarm to detect if it’s a persistent issue. Plus, email alarm notifications can be sent directly to the customer, or to an external stakeholder. 

“Our Decimator product line has been a mainstay of satellite communications monitoring for over a decade,” added Patrick Thera, president of Calian. “The Illuminator software is a great addition to that line. Being able to aggregate so much Decimator carrier performance data from anywhere in the world, in a single view, should help provide a whole new level of performance management to our customers. Innovation is one of our core strengths at Calian, and we will continue to listen to our customers in order to provide exciting new products from both our satcom and software defined solutions divisions. Stay tuned.”