Connectronics, Inc.; an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom RF connectors, adapters, and microwave connectors; announced their Just-In-Time (JIT) RF connector and adapter inventory program.

“Maintaining an accurate inventory of products and components is a delicate balancing act that takes significant time and financial investment,” said Enrique Morales, president of Connectronics, Inc.  “Our Just-In-Time inventory program enables our customers to move away from the stockpiling of products and aggravation of expedited shipping.”

By maintaining and managing inventories on hand, Connectronics JIT inventory support system helps OEMs and distributors save administrative and storage expenses.

Connectronics stores and ships custom-manufactured or standard RF connectors and adapters from its Edinburgh, Indiana U.S. production facility. JIT delivery helps customers minimize shipping expenses, shorten lead times and quickly adapt to changing market conditions with fast RF component delivery.

The JIT system’s built-in flexibility also reduces costs by freeing up valuable storage space, eliminating the need to place frequent purchase orders and reducing time spent managing, evaluating and tracking inventory.