The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) announced the establishment of the GSA Private Mobile Networks Special Interest Group (SIG) to bring together leading telecommunications companies wishing to track, boost and promote the Private Mobile Networks ecosystem.

As part of its ongoing research in the sector, GSA is tracking at least 889 organisations deploying LTE or 5G Private Mobile Networks in one or more locations. To date, GSA has identified 66 mobile operators and 70 countries/territories in which organisations are involved with Private Mobile Network projects. On a quarterly basis GSA publishes a database of GSA customer references segmented by industry type, region, technology and more and 58 percent which are anonymised and will not be found in the public domain. 

To frame, bring together and lead the Private Mobile Networks ecosystem forward, the GSA formed the Private Mobile Networks SIG. The aims of the group are to define the ecosystem, track it and promote it. To do so, the scope of the group includes the aggregation of Private Mobile Networks data in an environment where participants can share sensitive and anonymised data on Private Mobile Networks customers, confidentially. The scope also includes the continuous evolution of tracking in order to support the promotion of this industry as well as the analyst community reporting on it.

The founding members of the SIG are Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei. The group welcomes Mavenir, Keysight Technologies and Private5GandLTE as permanent members. More leading vendors will be announced as new Private Mobile Networks SIG members in the coming months. Membership and participation in the Private Mobile Networks SIG open organisations from across telecommunications ecosystem who wish to promote Private Mobile Networks ecosystem.

Joe Barrett, president, GSA, commented, “The Private Mobile Network space is going from strength to strength and last year recorded 101 percent compound growth over the preceding five years, in terms of companies announcing Private Mobile Networks using 4G or 5G technology. The industry is now represented across 70 countries globally and customers continue to grow strongly. GSA has a strong track record and experience in bringing together vendors, regulators and operators from across the 4G and 5G ecosystems to collaborate and promote technology adoption. The formation of the new Private Mobile Networks SIG will bring this experience to the Private mobile networks space to accelerate its development worldwide” Barrett stated.