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GSA: More Than 150 5G Networks Now Launched Globally

The GSA confirmed that there are now 153 operators in 64 countries/territories who have (as of mid-March 2021) announced 3GPP-compatible 5G launches for either mobile or FWA services. In total, there are now 428 operators in 132 countries/territories investing in 5G mobile or 5G FWA/home broadband networks.

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Ofcom Joins GSA as New GSA Associate

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) announced that Ofcom, the U.K.’s telecom regulator, has joined the industry association representing the global 4G and 5G mobile ecosystem as a new GSA Associate.

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5G Ecosystem July 2020 Devices Update

The GSA 5G Ecosystem July 2020 report announced that 5G devices have continued to climb swiftly, accompanied again this month by a continued rapid rise in the number of 5G devices that are commercially available.

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