Fortify, a provider of advance composite-photopolymer printers, announced that IERUS Technologies received a FLUX CORE 3D printer and Flux Developer materials onboarding software for design and engineering of defense systems. 

“Placing a printer at the IERUS Technologies headquarters provides a critical resource to support the growing need for additive manufacturing solutions in electromagnetics for Defense,” said Eric Versluys, director of Defense Programs at Fortify. “Fortify’s printers are uniquely positioned to print low loss 3D printing materials, enabling performance advantages where traditional manufacturing falls short (due to machining, weight and size).”

IERUS Technologies, a provider of engineering and design solutions for Defense and commercial customers, such as sensors and strategic systems, is designing novel RF structures such as Graded Refractive Index (GRIN) lenses leveraging Fortify’s FLUX CORE system. The Flux Core system enables companies like IERUS to take advantage of the design freedoms enabled by RadixTM, a 3D printable low loss material developed by Rogers Corporation.

“The Fortify 3D printer line will enable IERUS Technologies to develop complex RF structures that push the limits of traditional RF architectures with novel electromagnetic phenomenologies,” stated Jason Keen, CEO of IERUS Technologies.

This announcement comes a few months after Fortify’s strategic investment from In-Q-Tel and the development of a portfolio of electronic 3D printing materials. IERUS will leverage the Flux Developer toolkit, an open platform for the development of viscous and filled resins, to optimize printing of RF devices.

Fortify will be showcasing 3D printed RF structures printed on the FLUX CORE 3D printer at Array 2022 October 11 - 14 in Waltham, Mass.