IERUS Technologies, Inc., an established defense contractor headquartered in Huntsville, Ala., has been selected as an awardee of the prestigious TETRAS II contract from the Air Force Test Center, with a ceiling approaching $1 billion. The award is focused on specialized tech development, supporting Department of Defense (DOD) test systems and facilities for the next generation weapons and cyber systems.

The primary objective of TETRAS II is to provide DOD customers with the capability to develop and modify Test and Evaluation systems and facilities and to support mandatory RF spectrum transition plans to ensure the performance of fifth generation weapons and cyber systems and to transition to 6th generation technologies.

IERUS is no stranger to receiving awards from the DOD. In 2015, it was one of only 14 defense contractors to receive the TETRAS IDIQ award, the predecessor to TETRAS II.  In the first half of 2023, IERUS was awarded over $30 million in new work from the DOD and Department of Energy.  A rapidly growing company, IERUS is on-track to having a $60 million award year in 2023, with 28 percent growth since 2022.

"I am very proud of our talented team, our mission to enable those who protect the U.S., and our ability to support a growing research community of Huntsville, Ala.," said Jason Keen, CEO and co-founder of IERUS.

One of the more recent 2023 SBIRs awarded to IERUS includes development of AI-based multi-intelligence, multi-attribute metadata. In response to the Navy's need for an AI-enabled multi-attribute generation system, IERUS will determine the technical feasibility for a fully integrated system to monitor and track developing activities/signals in all operational domains.

With 200+ employees and growing, IERUS is a pillar of the Huntsville economy. Selected nine years in a row as a finalist for "Best Places to Work" award from Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce, IERUS continues to innovate.

Stretching its wings outside of the defense sector and into the world of high-tech startups, IERUS spun-off its first commercial startup, Nullspace Inc in March 2023.  Based in Irvine, California, Nullspace develops and commercializes electromagnetic (EM) simulation software for aerospace, defense, quantum computing and communications industries. The company is currently offering three products commercially: Nullspace EM – an EM simulation solver for large-scale optimization problems; Nullspace Prep – CAD and meshing pre-processor that integrates with Nullspace EM; as well as Nullspace ES – the world's only commercial solver for extremely large-scale design and analysis for quantum computing.

"Nullspace is well-positioned for success with support from IERUS," said Dr. Daniel Faircloth, CTO and co-founder of both IERUS and Nullspace. "Aside from the seed funding, IERUS will continuously supply Nullspace with new and innovative software IP developed under IERUS's SBIR grants. This creates a unique and beneficial support structure not typically available to technology startups."

As an example, another 2023 SBIR awarded to IERUS focuses on development of multiphysics software. Current multiphysics, electromagnetics and high performance computing (HPC) software require substantial expertise to be used effectively. IERUS will focus on making HPC-enabled simulations more accessible to non-expert users while democratizing engineering simulation capability. IERUS will be able to transfer this technology to Nullspace in the future.