RIGOL Technologies announced their next-generation of programmable linear DC power supplies, the DP2000. This completely new benchtop power supply features three fully isolated channels with automatic internal series and parallel connections and an intuitive 4.3” touch screen. The DP2000 delivers high resolution for measuring low-range currents down to 1 µA, a high speed sampling mode, an arbitrary output mode with a 1 ms dwell time and low output noise and ripple < 350 µVrms.

The DP2000 will auto-range between an amp’s range with 1 mA resolution and the new 10 mA range with resolution down to 1 µA. These low current measurements are critical for low power devices including IoT and wearable technology. 

RIGOL’s new DP2000 power supply complements these measurement capabilities with a high speed arbitrary output function. This arbitrary mode is made of up to 512 arbitrary points with dwell time down to 1 millisecond and the ability to edit waveforms including sine waves, square waves, ramps, pulses or stair step functions. Users can also create their own arbitrary function to emulate the power expected in their test to diagnose power management errors and issues.  

"The DP2000 represents RIGOL’s next-generation of linear power supplies and moves us into a wide range of new and exciting application spaces, including low power IoT devices and wearables, automotive, manufacturing and ATE testing,” stated Chris Armstrong, director of Product Marketing for RIGOL USA. “We anticipate the feature set and price point of the DP2000 will compare very favorably with the market leading power supplies while delivering exceptional accuracy and resolution." 

The DP2000’s three channels are rated for 32 V/3A, 32 V/3A and 6 V/5A (with an option for 10 amps on channel three) for a total power of 222 W. The power supply has front and rear output terminals, two or four-wire remote sensing for improved accuracy, current measurement auto-ranging and over voltage, over current and over temperature protection. Connection options include LAN, USB, RS232, GBIP (option) and digital I/O.