Times Microwave Systems is expanding its Netherlands master distribution hub by 50 percent to manage growing demand for its products and services in Europe. 

The expansion will add 600 m2 (6,458 ft2) to its current 1,200 m2 (12,916 ft2) warehouse in Houten, the Netherlands, to support increasing volume of shipments moving through the facility. The additional space will allow Times Microwave Systems' Netherlands operation to establish new cross-docking processes and consolidate shipments, optimizing efficiency and reducing freight costs to support continued business growth in the region.

The distribution hub was opened in January 2020 to optimize product availability, quick delivery, technical support and service for a growing base of customers and distributors in Europe. 

“Times Microwave Systems made a commitment to continue serving global customers through thick and thin,” said Deepak Sharma, European Distribution Manager. “All around the world, our customers have faced a multitude of unpredictable challenges over the past two years, and many have needed extra support to keep moving forward with their plans and projects. We took every action possible to ensure that our facilities remain in full operation and our products are readily available at the most consistent pricing possible, despite spreading material shortages. Steady growth in Times Microwave Systems’ European business during this period illustrates how well our customers have managed through tough times and continued making progress to expand connectivity in important military, aerospace, telecommunications, industrial RF and microwave applications.”