SUSS MicroTec AG featured its recently released version of wafer-level, high-frequency calibration software. SussCal Professional simplifies the wafer-level calibration process and significantly increases the accuracy of on-wafer measurements.

Wireless communications are playing an increasing role in everyday life; data transfer rates, broadband communication channels and carrier frequencies are increasing rapidly. Furthermore, technology has advanced so much that traditional DC measurements for device characterization are no longer sufficient. As a result, the industry is required to do far more RF and microwave testing.

SussCal Professional is the cornerstone of accurate, on-wafer measurements, guaranteeing excellent wafer-level calibration time after time. The VNA, cables and wafer probes are calibrated using a set of well-defined standards to eliminate systematic error, moving the reference plane of the measurement to the device under test (DUT). SussCal Professional simplifies this calibration by using an intuitive, top-down process to guide the user through the entire set-up, from system settings to standard assignment. It also includes powerful features like the PortMapping™ technology for easy set-up of complicated multiport calibration.

For the most accurate measurements from DC to 110 GHz and beyond, SussCal Professional includes the SUSS LRM+™ calibration method. LRM+ also eliminates the need for de-embedding, a process that wastes valuable space on a wafer. SussCal Professional is highly repeatable and automates the calibration process when using a semiautomatic or fully automated probe system. This means that production floor testing of RF devices is now easy to set up and monitor.

“SUSS realizes that measuring your RF and microwave devices on wafer is a daunting task,” said Andrej Rumianstev, SussCal product manager. “We have included several tools such as SussView™ for viewing measurement data and a calibration verifier to give the user exactly what he needs to be an RF and microwave test expert.”