Anritsu Company announced that Dr. Alexander Chenakin, director of R&D at Anritsu, has been elected chair of the IEEE TC-10 Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion Committee.  

As chair, Dr. Chenakin will lead a diverse group of recognized industry technology experts in the signal generation and frequency conversion field. It is the mission of the IEEE TC-10 Technical Committee to promote the development of signal generation and frequency conversion techniques applied to circuits and systems. The committee will evaluate new developments in the fields of RF and microwave oscillators, frequency multipliers and dividers, mixers and frequency synthesizers. 

Dr. Chenakin is well recognized in the field of frequency synthesis. As director of R&D at Anritsu Company, he oversees the development of various test and measurement instruments. In 2009, he received ARMMS RF and Microwave Society’s award for his work on fast-switching frequency synthesizers. His professional achievements have been widely presented in trade publications and international conferences. He has written more than 50 technical articles and holds six U.S. patents. In addition, Dr. Chenakin is the author of an Artech House published textbook about frequency synthesizers.