Powercast Corporation, a leader in RF-based over-the-air (OTA) wireless power-over-distance technology, announced that it has shipped 10 million wireless RF Powerharvester® PCC110 chips in the last two years alone. The company attributes this milestone to increased demand for wireless power-over-distance solutions which free devices from wires, batteries and placement restrictions such as the direct contact with a charging surface that the Qi wireless charging standard requires.   

Powercast's technology enables untethered devices powered remotely (up to 80 ft.), eliminating or reducing the need for batteries and wires, increasing functionality and efficiency and providing device placement freedom. As examples, IoT sensor networks can extend into remote locations where wiring and battery replacement are impossible, consumer devices can charge OTA without touching a charging mat, and environmentally-friendly devices can use either rechargeable batteries or no batteries at all, therefore eliminating disposable batteries.

Powercast is helping companies ranging from small to some of the largest in the world create feature-rich wireless devices.  The company reports its 2022 bookings to date are already three times its 2021 bookings.

"The uptick in demand spans a wide range of applications, from IoT sensors, digital luggage tags, consumer electronics, logistics and more," said Charles Goetz, CEO of Powercast. "Highly-functional untethered devices that cut the wires and reduce battery e-waste resonate across all industries, and Powercast is where companies who are serious about RF wireless power over distance engage for solutions. There is no more experienced team than Powercast's engineers and software developers."

Goetz continued, "Powercast's vision is to see RF wireless power over distance become ubiquitous, thereby enabling a more connected, efficient and greener world." The company's technology won a 2021 Sustainability Award for reducing battery e-waste.

Powercast's technology works in the far field (up to 80 feet, or 24 meters), and creates a coverage area much like Wi-Fi that automatically keeps multiple enabled devices charged when in range. An embedded Powerharvester PCC110 chip harvests RF energy in the air from an RF transmitter, an RFID reader or other RF source, then converts that RF to DC (direct current) to top off the rechargeable battery, or power a battery-free device.

Powercast's technology touches millions of users across more than 15 industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, IoT, entertainment, retail, RFID and sensors.