Movandi announced that it has partnered with Wistron NeWeb Corp. (WNC), a leading provider of communications solutions, to deliver innovative dual-band smart repeaters optimized for indoor networks. Powered by Movandi’s dual-band 28 GHz and 39 GHz BeamXR chipsets, the new WNC repeaters are available today and designed to provide cost-effective solutions for bandwidth-intensive 5G enterprise private networks and enhanced coverage for service provider indoor applications.

Indoor smart repeater deployments require low-cost access points and economical installation for high-density coverage as well as multiband capabilities to support a diverse range of end user and service provider needs. Today’s 5G small cell solutions are cost prohibitive for high-density applications, and small cell deployments typically have “blind spots.” Cost-effective, single-box dual-band mmWave smart repeaters with integrated phased array antennas manufactured by WNC and powered by Movandi BeamXR dual-band 28 GHz and 39 GHz chipsets solve these challenges for private networks and other indoor applications including office buildings, schools, campuses, convention centers and sports arenas.

“Our dual-band smart repeater collaboration with Movandi supports the mmWave frequencies of all operators globally,” said Johnson Hsu, VP and GM, Connected Home Business Group, WNC. “Movandi’s BeamXR chipset solution enables unmatched application and deployment flexibility with compact size, standard electrical requirements, flexible beam forming including hemispherical beams for optimal room coverage, and mesh capabilities to bend signals around obstacles and extend range and coverage.”

While some 5G experts believe that mmWave networks are more expensive to deploy than sub-6 GHz C-Band networks, a recent white paper by Mobile Experts, “Making Private 5G Cost Effective,” concludes this is only true for low capacity, low bandwidth applications. Emerging private networks that support industrial automation and other bandwidth-intensive applications require much higher capacity for artificial intelligence, machine learning and high-resolution video. Demanding, real-world enterprise and industrial applications are now emerging where mmWave networks provide the optimal approach. Compared to C-Band networks, mmWave technology offers the lowest cost, the quickest deployment and the simplest RF planning for complex, high-density indoor applications.

WNC’s dual-band smart repeaters for indoor applications have standard power requirements with no need to pull fiber or install special electrical components. A compact, single-box WNC smart repeater based on BeamXR technology allows easy, rapid and economical installation and daisy chaining of up to five units using RF signals to enhance coverage flexibility and reduce deployment costs. WNC’s smart repeaters enable mmWave signals to be brought indoors from a gNB or a small cell and then spread the small cell signals to enhance coverage indoors. The repeaters also support dense indoor mesh networks, enabling traffic to be dynamically routed based on signal quality, bandwidth, latency and network congestion. Strategic repeater placement and daisy chaining capabilities enable mmWave signals to be propagated around obstacles.

“WNC is at the forefront of smart repeater design and provides foundational technologies to accelerate the roll out of 5G private networks as well as indoor services by leading global operators,” said Maryam Rofougaran, CEO and founder at Movandi. “Movandi is leading the way in 5G mmWave innovation with new chipsets, intelligent software and spectrum support improving both performance and economics for global 5G operators. Our collaboration with WNC will expand coverage and reduce the cost of mmWave deployments for private networks and indoor applications.”

Movandi’s BeamXR smart repeater solution includes patented chipset technologies, custom antenna design, algorithms and software. To accelerate development, Movandi also provides reference designs that include a complete chipset with a beamformer, up-/down-converters supporting IQ BB or IF, PLL synthesizer, dual-beam and dual-polarization, remote beam programing, AGC and TDD synchronization to reduce interference and maximize gain, and BeamX mesh software-defined beam networking.

BeamXR technology is the industry’s most innovative smart repeater solution engineered to solve tough 5G mmWave physics and economic deployment challenges by extending range, enhancing coverage flexibility, providing solutions for signal obstacle and accelerating deployment schedules for indoor, outdoor and mobile environments. Furthermore, Movandi-powered BeamXR smart repeaters reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of mmWave deployment by up to 50 percent.