Remcom has added a schematic editor and frequency-domain circuit solver to the latest release of XFdtd® 3D EM Simulation Software, enabling the analysis of antenna matching networks and corporate feeds, including multi-state and multi-port circuits.

An integrated simulation tool, the schematic editor combines matching network analysis with full-wave results. The graphical interface helps designers explore and optimize the effect of the matching network design on FDTD results for even the most complex antenna systems. The editing interface simplifies the workflow, from importing a matching network topology from an optimization tool to performing the simulation in XFdtd. The schematic editor enables a comprehensive analysis with full-wave results: near-field heat maps, far zone patterns and system efficiency in the presence of a matching network.

The schematic editor supports several use cases, including simple pi or T matching networks, multi-state and multi-port aperture or impedance tuners and corporate feed networks with digital phase shifters. With the capability to connect to multiple full-wave simulations, XFdtd can show the operating modes for different frequency bands and physical configurations.

Remcom, Inc.
State College, Pa.

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