Guerrilla RF announced it has entered into a collaboration with Adobe to deploy its award-winning web applications development platform, ColdFusion, within Guerrilla RF’s web development workflow. By deploying Adobe’s ColdFusion solutions, Guerrilla RF has been able to dramatically cut the development time associated with traditional website creation and optimization. In exchange, Guerrilla RF has been providing critical feedback to Adobe as part of its agile development efforts.

Adobe recently featured Guerrilla RF in a case study which highlights how the company was able to use ColdFusion to launch a revitalized web infrastructure in only five weeks. Within the feature, Adobe highlighted how GRF was able to create over 200 iterative builds in record time, implementing novel automated feedback loops to eliminate errors and minimize site load times to less than 1 second. The resulting website overhaul has led to dramatic increases in both page views and new user interactions, as well as significant increases in the site’s SEO ratings. 

“Adobe ColdFusion has been a game changer for almost every area of our business, from the way we market ourselves to the ways we think about training and teamwork,” said Jim Ahne, vice president of Marketing at Guerrilla RF. “Agility means finding and embracing the very best ways to work, and in Adobe ColdFusion, we’ve found an incredible development tool which intensifies our ability to outpace the competition. We have been incredibly satisfied with the outcome of our revamped website, and the feedback we have received from our customers and partners has been extremely positive.