Langer EMV-Technik has introduced a 50 Ω preamplifier developed to work with Langer’s near-field probes, boosting weak signals while protecting sensitive measurement receivers. The PA 3010 covers 10 MHz to 10 GHz and provides 30 dB typical gain, with a 2.5 dB noise figure at 5 GHz. The unit has a typical 1 dB compression point of 18 dBm at 5 GHz and will withstand 17 dBm input power without damage.

The PA 3010 connects with SMA connectors, female on the input and male on the output, and is small: 38 (between the connectors) x 50 x 14 mm. It is powered with 12 V DC and draws 170 mA, provided from a separate power supply “brick” that plugs into the AC power.

Because of the wide frequency range of the PA 3010, it can be used for many measurement and R&D applications, such as RF direction finding of communications signals. A typical application is providing amplification prior to a spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope, for example boosting the signals from Langer’s near-field probes, where the preamplifier is connected between the probe and the measuring instrument.

In addition to preamplifiers, Langer EMV-Technik offers many products to support pre-compliant EMC measurements: near-field probes and micro near-field probes, EMC scanners, electrical fast transient and ESD generators and board and IC measurement equipment, including test and demo boards. Langer also provides EMC consulting and experimental seminars, including customized training.

Langer EMV-Technik
Bannewitz, Germany