The Littlebend 26.5 GHz ultra-flexible SMA RF cables by HASCO are extremely flexible cables with a minimum bend radius of 0.20 in. (5 mm) and a high retention force of greater than 90 N, which eliminates the need for right-angle adapters, reducing weight and space. The HLB098 cable assemblies are triple shielded, which provides greater than 90 dB isolation. Phase and amplitude are stable with flexing, offering better performance than traditional RG type cables.

RoHS compliant, these light-weight, high performing cables are well suited for many applications needing low profile, high density, internal point-to-point interconnections between RF modules, including defense, communications, test and production applications. They support demanding requirements for phase stability and power handling and are durable in high vibration and temperature environments.

To illustrate the performance, a 12-in. SMA cable assembly (HLB098-S1-S1-12) has 0.5 dB insertion loss at 2 GHz, increasing to 1.5 dB at 26.5 GHz, with VSWR between 1.15:1 and 1.35:1 at 2 and 26.5 GHz, respectively. Amplitude stability is < ± 0.08 dB at 26.5 GHz, and the phase stability with flexure is < ± 3 degrees at 26.5 GHz when wrapped around a 26.4 mm radius mandrel.

The HLB098 Littlebend ultra-flexible RF cable series expands HASCO’s line of flexible cable assemblies to more than 100 unique configurations, including SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, SMP and SMPM connectors and lengths from 3 to 48 in. The Littlebend cables are in stock and can ship daily, with additional custom configurations available to order.

Moorpark, Calif.