When you need a system that accepts real-time commands for desired target motion and exacting angle of arrival, look no further than AMETEK NSI-MI’s portable target simulation compact ranges. Using the most advanced technology, we offer custom systems for simulating missiles, decoys, and more. Its portable design allows for relocation or stowing away when not in use. 

High-precision positioning system that enables RF wavefront to be tilted simultaneously in azimuth and elevation to simulate a target's angle of arrival (AoA). It features an auto-collimator laser system that can align the CATR wavefront to the AUTs. The chamber rests on air-casters that when inflated can float and move the chamber without the need of heavy machinery or cranes. AMETEK NSI-MI’s portable target simulation compact range is capable of coordinated motion with azimuth and elevation to perform spiral scans with the wavefront. It also features automatic frequency transitions by a four-station feed carousel and a fire suppression system.

 Link: https://www.nsi-mi.com/products/system-solutions/target-simulation-systems