Verus® Research, a New Mexico-based team of scientists and engineers specializing in advanced research and development, announced it has been awarded a $450,000 one-year task with the U.S. Army under its existing Test & Evaluation Non-Kinetic (TEN-K) contract to enhance Directed Energy System Placement Analysis (DESPA) capability for test and evaluation purposes. The ElectroMagnetic Interactive Tool for Test and Evaluation of Radio Frequency Systems (EMITTERS) effort will include tailored capabilities to support the test and evaluation of counter-unmanned aircraft systems and the testing of high-power microwave (HPM) weapons.

“We are honored to perform this new work under our existing agreement with the U.S. Army to provide quick reaction capabilities that will address threats posed by opposing unmanned aircraft systems,” said Grady Patterson, CEO of Verus Research. “As HPM systems begin to make their way into the battlespace, it will be increasingly important to quickly assess how well these systems will perform and identify any hazards they may pose. The solutions that we create will absolutely matter because they will be key to ensuring safe and effective operation of these new systems.” 

Verus Research will expand capabilities through EMITTERS to include an interactive, three-dimensional view of outdoor effects testing and pre-defined scenarios for HPM test sites. It will model dynamic engagements and support export of artifacts for test planning and safety assessments, including hazard zones, effectiveness and collateral damage.