Microchip Technology has released its first GaN power amplifier (PA) MMIC delivering 10 W saturated output power from 27.5 to 31 GHz. The ICP2840 MMIC was designed for commercial and defense satellite communications (satcom), 5G networks and other aerospace and defense systems operating at Ka-Band. The PA MMIC enables designers to meet high-power specifications while reducing power consumption and system weight.

Fabricated using a GaN on SiC process, the three-stage MMIC achieves 22 percent power-added efficiency at 10 W output, when biased at 24 V, and 22 dB small-signal gain. The PA supports complex modulation, such as 256-QAM, and reduces power consumption more than 30 percent compared to GaAs MMICs, capabilities particularly important for satcom equipment. Microchip’s customers have confirmed the ICP2840’s suitability for linear applications when backed off. The balanced architecture of the design is well-matched to 50 Ω, achieving 15 dB return loss across the band. The design integrates DC blocking capacitors at the output to simplify integrating the PA into the next higher assembly. The size of the chip is 3.0 × 3.4 × 0.10 mm.

To help with design-ins, Microchip and its distribution partners provide design support for the ICP2840, including an evaluation board and models for simulating system performance.

The ICP2840 GaN MMIC complements Microchip’s portfolio of GaN on SiC transistors for radar systems, GaAs MMIC PAs, low-noise amplifiers, switches and Wi-Fi front-end modules.

Chandler, Ariz.