PHY Wireless, a device-based cellular positioning and location company, has announced a new white paper titled “Delivering on the Promise of Massive IoT Tracking and Location Services” published by ABI Research. The new location white paper validates the innovative hellaPHY® device-based cellular positioning technology, that can drastically reduce the size, cost and power requirements for tracked devices, while providing both indoor and outdoor high accuracy positioning. 

“Device-based positioning aims to deliver the lowest device power consumption and a high level of device security while simultaneously promising the highest accuracy of all location technologies relying on LTE/5G signals,” said Tancred Taylor, research analyst at ABI Research. “Solutions like hellaPHY allow for much simpler devices with a lower cost and superior power efficiency that not only more satisfactorily meet the needs of most current IoT use-cases, but also permit new generations of devices and location-enabled applicationsand thereby deliver on the promise of massive IoT.”

According to a new study by analyst firm ABI Research, device-based 4G and 5G reflects a growing trend towards increased edge intelligence on the device, allowing the device to be more autonomous and make case-by-case decisions on whether and when a data transmission is necessary. 

“Beyond accuracy, today’s location technologies must also account for power, cost, security, and low network utilization in order to fulfill the promise of massive IoT,” said Steven Caliguri, VP strategy and business development, PHY Wireless. “We believe that hellaPHY offers the lowest cost approach to positioning, as it eliminates the need for other technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS) helping more businesses derive valuable location intelligence indoors and outdoors.” 

PHY Wireless device-based location technology called hellaPHY, enables high accuracy and low-power location services for existing 4G LTE and 5G networks. This solution helps service providers overcome the economic and deployment challenges of location tracking and is ideally suited for enabling massive IoT products and services that require low-power, low-cost, high accuracy and secure location. This includes logistics companies, smart labels, as well as tracking of personal and business assets.

hellaPHY relies on similar principles as cloud-based location, but carries out all computation using on-device software, shifting positioning determination from being user equipment (UE)-assisted to being UE-based. While other network-based and cloud-based positioning require the signals to be forwarded to the cloud to obtain a location fix, which can become a burden on the network, device-based positioning eliminates this step and significantly diminishes power consumption. 

This innovative approach to location, offers the lowest power location available today. Additionally, location is determined and fully encrypted on the device, provided to the owner as needed via a secure VPN and never aggregated with other devices on the cloud, so the device owner is the only one that ever has the devices’ location.