RFMW announced design and sales support for a family of small form factor 5G filters from Sangshin Elecom. Offering an alternative to conventional waveguide filters, Sangshin Ceramic Waveguide designs support high average and peak power performance with excellent rejection, while retaining low insertion loss. The family consists of six devices working between 3400 and 3900 MHz with bandwidths from 200 MHz and peak power performance up to 120 W. For example, SEWB3500SP200SM covers 200 MHz of C-Band (3400 to 3600 MHz) with a power handling of 5 W average (120 W peak). The filter delivers excellent rejection performance, achieving 15 dB of rejection just 40 MHz from the passband edge. The small form factor, 20 x 30 x 5 mm, along with a surface mount configuration, make the design ideal for MIMO applications where weight and size are of a premium.