Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. hosts industry leaders and executives, ecosystem members and city officials on September 28 at the third annual Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate event, showcasing continued momentum of the Qualcomm® Smart Cities Accelerator Program and presenting informative insights into the rapidly evolving digital transformation and global landscape of smart cities, connected spaces and experiences. 

“Qualcomm creates smart solutions that accelerate the future and digitally transform virtually all industries. We are committed to collaborating with ecosystem members, cities and municipalities to support critical infrastructure with smart solutions to pave the way for global innovation,” said Jeff Lorbeck, senior vice president and general manager, connected smart systems, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT Ecosystem

What began in April 2019 as the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program has progressed into a global ecosystem–consisting of 400+ members including system integrators, hardware and software providers, cloud solution providers, design and manufacturing companies and more–united with the goal of delivering smart end-to-end solutions for modern cities, spaces and enterprises. This ecosystem is proliferating the digitization of global industries by enabling IoT-as-a-Service (IoTaaS) through the Qualcomm® IoT Services Suite, helping to enrich lives through the accelerated transformation of critical infrastructure and services. 

Annual Event Sessions

The global pandemic has brought digital transformation to center stage, where technology is disrupting industries and driving a wave of innovation. It has emphasized now more than ever that technology is critical to help close the digital divide and increase equity in communities. This year’s Smart Cities Accelerate event opens with a live keynote discussion including Cristiano Amon, CEO, Qualcomm Incorporated, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, co-founder, JLC Infrastructure and Jim Reynolds, co-founder, JLC Infrastructure, on how digital transformation is fueling modern cities, spaces and experiences and why Qualcomm, JLC and IGNITE CITIES have come together to help drive transformational initiatives in global cities and industries. 

The keynote is followed by a panel from leading city mayors including–Mayor Tishaura Jones, City of St. Louis, Mayor Sam Liccardo, City of San Jose, Mayor Francis X. Suarez, City of Miami–coming together to discuss their visions for smart cities, the technologies needed for post-pandemic communities, closing the digital divide and working together with companies like Qualcomm Technologies for successful planning and execution.

Keynote Quotes: 

“We are proud to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies and IGNITE Cities to bring critical infrastructure to nationwide cities where technology availability and accessibility plays a crucial role. We are committed to supporting efforts that bring inclusion and digital equity to support education, help close the digital divide and drive transformational initiatives across communities," said Earvin Johnson, co-founder, JLC Infrastructure.

“Our collaboration with IGNITE Cities, Qualcomm Technologies and its network of accelerator program smart technology partners, presents impactful opportunities to significantly improve the quality of life in US cities and communities.  We look forward to providing the financial support needed to accelerate implementations of smart solutions across the nation,” said James Reynolds, co-founder, JLC Infrastructure.    

“Qualcomm Technologies’ commitment to supporting cities provides the framework and bandwidth to drive transformational initiatives and implement critical infrastructure. We are proud of our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and JLC Infrastructure and we look forward to an exciting upcoming year of deployments, collaborations and implementations across the U.S.," said George Burciaga, managing director, IGNITE CITIES. 

IoT Ecosystem Quotes: 

“Now more than ever, innovative technologies such as 5G connectivity and advanced computing are critical to meeting the unique needs of, and enabling participation within our growing digital economy," said Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, California. “Technology has been a catalyst in helping transform our city’s infrastructure and services, and by working with Qualcomm Technologies and IGNITE we’re helping bring connectivity to all parts of San Jose.” 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear just how critical smart, connected spaces are to our cities, and the role these technologies will play in transforming our critical city infrastructure and services,” said Mayor Tishaura Jones of St. Louis, Missouri. “Through the Smart Cities Accelerator Program, Qualcomm Technologies and IGNITE CITIES are enabling St. Louis and other cities around the country to work together to create future-proof solutions that serve our communities for years to come. 

 “Connectivity is essential for providing equal opportunities to lean, work and live moving forward,” said Mayor Francis X. Suarez of Miami, Florida. “The ability to innovate and digitally transform our city is no small feat, and our continued partnerships with Qualcomm Technologies and IGNITE CITIES are key in helping reimagine how we safely, securely and successfully provide technology resources to our communities across Miami.”