Linwave announced the successful conclusion of phase 1 of the product concept hardware realization and the start of the pre-production phase of its new miniature switched filter bank solution. Product design required close collaboration between the filter expertise of Marki Microwave and the QFN module integration understanding of Linwave to provide a uniquely small four-way switched filter bank in a QFN10 footprint. The solution provides significant size reduction over traditional receiver channelization techniques whilst maintaining high Q filter performance enabling 80 dB of close in attenuation.

Chris Carr of Linwave noted,” The solution has greatly benefited from the high accuracy and outstanding performance of the MMIC filter capability of Marki. Great collaboration between the teams has allowed us to swiftly integrate gain compensation, low noise amplifier and fast switching devices for a nice sub module solution for the customer that can be integrated using their standard manufacturing techniques.”

Integrated QFN Microwave Hybrids can benefit customers looking to optimize both size and performance of systems in many defense and test applications. Linwave can integrate functions such as filters limiters, LNAs, switches, mixers, equalizers, splitters, baluns and power devices.

Duncan Pilgrim of Marki said, “Here at Marki, we are all about shattering performance. It was a pleasure to work with Linwave to create a novel filter to meet the needs of a very critical defense contractor.”

Linwave and Marki welcome enquiries for further switched filter banks from customers wishing to enhance system performance and reduce size.