Elma Electronic Inc. has expanded its line of power- and ground-only VPX backplanes to include flexible design options that meet the needs of today’s high speed, open standards-based system architectures.  

These include OpenVPX, CMOSS- and HOST-compliant hardware as well as systems aligned to The Open Group Sensor System Open Architecture™ (SOSA) Technical Standard or even custom designs.

System designers can cost-effectively test and build open standards-based embedded systems and reduce development time using the new backplanes. Available with or without apertures, they accommodate a range of high speed RF and optical connectors. The expanded range of power- and ground-only backplanes are designed for next-generation data rates of 40 Gbps and up to 100 Gpbs.

Ram Rajan, senior vice president of Engineering with Elma Electronic Inc, said, “For an embedded designer moving a system to market, development time and ease of use are critical. By freeing up all available pins during system development, these new power- and ground-only backplanes enable rapid test and retest of different profile configurations.” 

Aside from the pins assigned for 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V power, and the defined ground and utility planes, all pins are user-defined. The rear connectors are all fully populated and can be accessed with Elma’s slot-to-slot or slot-to-I/O bulkhead cable assemblies for system development.