Ampleon has announced a further expansion to its portfolio of next-generation amplifier ICs. These devices are based on the company’s advanced rugged technology. Thanks to the heavy-duty design employed, they are capable of dealing with the harshest of operational conditions. 

With 1400 and 1600 W ratings, the devices in the new ART1K6x series operate over a frequency range from 1 MHz to 450 MHz. A high breakdown voltage allows them to be used in 48 V for Class E and 55 V Class AB applications (the maximum VDS figure supported being 177 V). They can cope with a 65:1 voltage standing wave ratio, which means that any potential load mismatch issues can be alleviated. The high impedance levels that these LDMOS amplifiers exhibit helps to reduce power losses. Consequently, significantly lower currents are required. Less heat also needs to be dissipated, which reduces the associated thermal management overhead and keeps system bill-of-materials costs to minimum.

The ART1K6PH (G) amplifiers are each supplied in an OMP-1230 straight lead or gull wing package, while the ART1K6FH devices come in SOT539AN packages. All of them have a dual-sided electro-static discharge protection mechanism included. Among the various applications which they can be used for are plasma generators, magnetic resonance imaging systems, CO lasers and particle accelerators. Other possible uses include broadcasting and wireless communications.