Quantic™ Electronics, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, announced the acquisition of X-Microwave, developer of modular RF and microwave building blocks that allow designers to seamlessly design, evaluate, prototype and produce high performance RF and Microwave systems.

Founded in 2013, X-Microwave serves a wide range of customers across the RF and microwave industry with its patented X-MWsystem. The X-MWsystem consists of a large portfolio of modular X-MWblock drop-in components featuring amplifiers, mixers, switches and attenuators. Individual X-MWblocks can be connected together solderlessly to rapidly build RFMW assemblies from DC to 60 GHz. X-MWblocks are designed for use in production applications either individually as single-function connectorized modules or together in a cascade to rapidly produce custom integrated microwave assemblies.

"We remain committed to developing a world-class group of specialty electronics manufacturers that make mission-critical products," said Kevin Perhamus, president and CEO of Quantic Electronics. "The addition of X-Microwave and its unique business model nicely complements our growing RFMW technology portfolio. I am excited to welcome X-Microwave to the Quantic family, and I look forward to working with its talented team."

"Rapid RF and Microwave product development is increasingly important in today's world.  X-Microwave's modular platform is already being adopted industry wide to address this challenge but there is still a long way to go as we move higher in frequency and power. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with component manufacturers to design more devices for our portfolio and increase the number of X-MWblocks available to customers," said John Richardson, Co-Founder and CEO of X-Microwave. "We see endless opportunities for leveraging the innovation of the X-MWsystem, and we look forward to collaborating with the Quantic team to help us meet our ambitious growth objectives."

Duff & Phelps served as financial advisor to Quantic.