Mercury Systems Inc. announced its new line of safety-certifiable 3U OpenVPX™ SOSA-aligned avionics modules designed to accelerate critical avionics applications and streamline subsystem development and platform safety certification.

“Designing, building, testing and certifying flight-ready mission computers is a costly and time-consuming endeavor,” said Jay Abendroth, vice president, Mercury Mission. “System architects require open standard, safety-certifiable rugged boards to accelerate subsystem development, lower risk and support advanced mission workloads like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and converged applications. Using Mercury’s purpose-built, proven DAL-certifiable SOSA-aligned 3U OpenVPX modules, designers can expedite the certification process while saving time and money.”

The rugged processing, video, storage and power modules feature BuiltSAFE™ proven, modular, commercial-off-the-shelf elements complete with hardware and software artifacts to deliver smooth performance and simplify integration. DO-178-certifiable developmental board support packages support Green Hills Software, Lynx Software Technologies, WindRiver and other real-time operating system (RTOS) software to streamline integration and the certification process.

“Aerospace and defense customers are looking to quickly deploy and certify subsystems with safety-critical and platform technologies,” said Pavan Singh, vice president of product management for Lynx Software Technologies. “Our decade-long partnership with Mercury enables us to dramatically accelerate time to deployment, reduce development cost and maximize interoperability for mission-critical avionics applications.”

The SBC3515-S module included in the new product lineup is the first certifiable Intel® Core™ i7 single board computer with the latest generation processor on the market, delivering up to 40x better performance than traditional safety-certifiable processing boards.