Application Note

This application note discusses different techniques for utilizing digital multimeters to measure AC voltage and obtain consistent root mean square value measurements. "Make Better RMS Measurements with Your DMM" addresses how engineers can deliver reliable results through testing. To download a free copy, go to

Agilent Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, CA (650) 752-5000. Circle No. 200

Analyzer Data Sheet

This four-page data sheet provides complete detail on the Personal Spectrum Analyzer™, model 401A. Product photographs, descriptions, performance graphs, specifications and ordering information are also provided.

Bantam Instruments, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 736-3030. Circle No. 201

Modulators and Power Supplies Brochure

The PowerMod™ high voltage pulse modulators and power supplies brochure describes this patented line of solid-state systems which replace vacuum switch tubes, PFNs, and crowbars in high voltage and high power systems. Custom solutions utilizing this technology are highlighted, including applications such as radar transmitters and particle accelerators.

Diversified Technologies Inc., Bedford, MA (781) 275-9444. Circle No. 202

Handheld Oscilloscopes Data Sheet

This data sheet illustrates the industrial ScopeMeter® 120 Series test tools and how it addresses the needs of front-line technicians to save time troubleshooting and servicing production and manufacturing systems.

Fluke Corp., Everett, WA (888) 492-7541. Circle No. 203

Components Catalog

This 184-page catalog features hard-to-find programmable devices, memory, microprocessors, breadboards, test equipment, TTL and linear ICs, power equipment, fans, capacitors and LEDs. Products are ideal for OEM, maintenance, repair and operating applications.

Jameco Electronics, Belmont, CA (800) 831-4242. Circle No. 204

Millimeter-wave Technology and Solutions

This 41-page catalog features the company's millimeter-wave products and services, such as: antennas and quasioptical products, mixers and detectors, oscillator and amplifier products, multiplier products, control components, filters and ferrite products, passive waveguide products, and test and measurement products.

Millitech LLC, Northampton, MA (800) 664-5548. Circle No. 205

Company Brochure

This brochure gives a company overview including its experience and background. The brochure highlights its family of semi-rigid cables and assemblies including the UTiFLEX® flexible microwave coaxial cable, Ultralight UTiFLEX semi-rigid microwave cables, custom delay lines and transmission line components.

Micro-Coax, Pottstown, PA (610) 495-0110. Circle No. 206

CD Catalog

This 2003 Newport Resource is available in an electronic format on a free CD-ROM. The catalog features 1500 products and a technical tutorial catalog, and is available in three languages. This resource can be searched and sorted, by part number or product description, for quick navigation and easy ordering.

Newport Corp., Irvine, CA (800) 222-6440. Circle No. 207

Broadband Wireless Components

This 132-page product catalog for microwave components provides information on the company's products, including detailed data sheets on mixers, VCOs and microwave frequency sources for commercial telecommunications, instrumentation, defense and space applications.

REMEC Broadband Wireless, Milpitas, CA (408) 432-9898. Circle No. 208

Technology Resource CD-ROM

This updated product catalog describes the company's high performance RF and microwave frequency coaxial cable assembly products. The CD-ROM catalog presents detailed product performance characteristics, schematics and photos, along with an application program for designing custom assemblies for specific applications.

Semflex Inc., Mesa, AZ (800) 778-4401. Circle No. 209

Bit Error Tester Data Sheet

This updated data sheet details and demonstrates the new features found on the BitAlyzer1500. These include the newly released options for physical layer eye diagramming, mask testing, jitter measurements and Q- factor analysis. To download, go to www.

SyntheSys Research Inc., Menlo Park, CA (650) 364-1853. Circle No. 210

Technical Seminar CD

This free technical seminar on CD is called "Designing with Component Power Modules." It is a highly technical video seminar that provides power system designers with extensive design information in the form of audio, video, PowerPoint presentations and .pdf documents all under browser control. To obtain a free copy, go to

Vicor Corp., Andover, MA (800) 735-6200. Circle No. 211