Richardson Electronics, Ltd. announced they are now offering two of Quantum Microwave’s newest components, a cryogenic bias tee and a cryogenic choke, both of which operate over a frequency range of 3 MHz to 10 GHz.

With a low insertion loss of 1 dB, the QMC-CRYOTEE-0010 cryogenic bias tee has a minimum DC port impedance of 10 kohms and a max voltage of +/-20 VDC. The QMC-CRYOCHOKE-0010 cryogenic RF choke has a choke path of DC- 500 kHz and a typical RF return loss of better than -15 dB. Both parts are designed to operate at temperatures as low as 10 mK.

Quantum Microwave’s range of cryogenic microwave components support the newly emerging quantum computing market. These products are manufactured with OFHC Copper, allowing for the best thermal conductivity and the absolute smallest size. Inside the housings, Quantum Microwave uses special materials to operate with great electrical and thermal performance.

“We are thrilled to see the expansion of Quantum Microwave’s cryogenic components,” said Greg Peloquin, executive vice president of Richardson Electronics’ Power & Microwave Technologies group. “We see significant long term growth potential for microwaves in quantum computing applications.”

“With a strong team of engineers worldwide Richardson Electronics is a top solutions provider,” said Andy Cobin, president of Quantum Microwave. “Quantum computing is only going to continue to grow and having their support will provide excellent resources for our customers.”