Knowles Precision Devices recently announced the release of a new 100nF capacitor within its V-Series of single layer capacitors. The 100nF is a high frequency, wire bondable single layer capacitor, making it ideally suited for GaN and GaAs amplifier applications where small size and microwave performance are critical. 

“We are thrilled to extend our V-Series product family and introduce the 100nF, which offers improved bypass performance and circuit integration for our customers,” said Ian Tovar, product manager, Knowles Precision Devices. “The small footprint, along with X7R temperature stability and wire bondability, of the 100nF are integral to a well-performing circuit.”

V-Series single layer capacitors, including the new 100nF, are designed to offer higher capacitance in a smaller footprint. The 100nF leverages class II dielectric material with X7R characteristics for DC blocking and RF bypassing in a broad frequency range. Additional uses include filtering, tuning and coupling applications. The 100nF features X7R temperature stability, is RoHS compliant and offers the best possible moisture sensitivity level (MSL-1). It has a high capacitance density and can be attached using conductive epoxy or be AuSn solder mounted.

In RF bypassing applications, the 100nF can help eliminate supply line noise. High frequency MMIC amplifiers with broadband gain need to be protected from RF noise on supply lines. Supply noise can mix with RF signals, impacting signal-to-noise ratios and potentially causing spurious output. A bypass capacitor provides an efficient path to ground for RF energy on the supply line before it enters a gain stage.