Kymeta announced the expansion and availability of its Kymeta u8 product, including the Kymeta u8 GOV terminal with an embedded iDirect 950mp modem and the u8 GO transportable terminal. Kymeta u8 GOV terminals are designed to meet the needs of government, military and specialized commercial use and support.

The u8 GOV terminal includes a FIPS, 140-2 level 3 TRANSEC module and meets the demands of tactical users in scenarios that require secure data, voice and video connectivity in highly mobile military, government and other rapid response applications. The u8 GOV terminal covers the full Ku-Band and is available as a turnkey terminal with a satellite modem, cellular modem and SD-WAN capabilities. It is compliant with existing security requirements as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

“Kymeta’s solutions meet the mission-critical needs of military, first responders and commercial customers providing ‘always-on’ connectivity for mobile platforms, making communications-on-the-move (COTM) more seamless and reliable than ever,” said Rob Weitendorf, vice president, Business Development, Kymeta.

Also available, the u8 GO transportable terminals come in multiple configurations including ODU, commercial and GOV terminals, and enable safe transport with a hardened and rugged shipping case for protection and provide a built-in vehicle mount to support easy communications on the pause (COTP) and COTM. This transportable configuration is easily maneuverable and ideal for rapid deployments and has been tested against military transportation standards including MIL-STD-810H, transit drop, transportation shock and loose cargo vibration. The u8 GO includes an outdoor AC/DC power supply, supports COTP with a 25-degree tilt mechanism, and can also be mounted on a vehicle for easy deployment in a multitude of use cases.

The Kymeta u8 solutions, which now also include the u8 GOV terminal and u8 GO transportable case, provide a complete connectivity solution for COTM and networks-on-the-move when and where you need it most. The u8 terminal, with Kymeta’s revolutionary software-defined, electronic beam-steering technology, is low profile and easy-to-mount on vehicles and vessels. The u8 turnkey solutions come in multiple terminal configurations that provide customers with the hardware, software and connectivity they need.

Kymeta recently launched its next-generation antenna, terminal and services in Q4 of 2020, and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the industry. The Kymeta u8 terminal paired with Kymeta’s hybrid satellite-cellular connectivity services, Kymeta Connect™, transforms the purchase and consumption of mobile data with all-inclusive hardware, connectivity and services monthly subscription. The Kymeta u8 is the world’s only commercially available flat-panel electronically steered antenna built specifically for mobility and designed for the needs of military, first responders and commercial customers.