Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced that during its second quarter of fiscal year 2021, its Santa Clara, Calif.-based subsidiary, Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc. was awarded a multi-million dollar contract to develop and manufacture 190 W Q-Band amplifiers for the U.S. military.

“We are especially proud to have been selected for the development of a new Q-Band amplifier that further increases the power of our product portfolio,” said Fred Kornberg, chairman of the Board and chief executive officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. "As a leader in high-power, mmWave technology, Comtech Xicom has the broadest experience in both Q-Band and V-Band technology.”

Comtech Xicom has a long history with Q-Band amplifiers, shipping its first Q-Band amplifier in 2001. Since that time, the company has manufactured more than 200 Q-Band traveling wave tube amplifiers.

Comtech Xicom manufactures a wide variety of tube-based and solid-state power amplifiers for military and commercial satellite uplink applications. The product range encompasses power levels from 8 W to 3 kW, with frequency coverage in sub-bands within the 2 GHz to 52 GHz spectrum. Amplifiers are available for fixed and ground-based, shipboard and airborne mobile applications.